Polypropylene fabrics

Technical fabrics

Technical, polypropylene fabrics are the basic products manufactured by the Company.
he applied raw-material i.e. polypropylene guarantees high strength of fabrics. The production technology enables receiving tubular fabrics with a characteristic structure which is formed from flat laid tape of warp and weft. This fabric is mainly used for bags, Big-Bags packagings, covers, silos etc. Agrosak is the largest producer of this kind of fabrics in Poland.

We offer fabrics characterized by the following specifications:

  • width – from 30 cm up to 210 cm; it is also possible to produce tubular fabrics with side folds.
  • mass per square meter – from 60 g/m2 up to 200 g/m2
  • standard colour – white; possible production of fabrics in the agreed colour according to the Pantone colour card.
  • UV-stabilization – as a standard: 150 kLy.

Flat fabrics

We offer also flat fabrics formed in the process of cutting the tube with ultrasonic knife. Maximum width of such fabric is 420 cm. The mass per square meter, colour, stabilization are the same as in the case of tabular fabric. The application of the ultrasonic knife guarantees that the fabric edge is strong, aesthetic, free from any lumps.

Coated fabrics

We supply also coated fabrics, covered with a polypropylene layer. The coating line enables the application of polymer layer (from 20 g/m2 up to 200 g/m2) on fabrics of a width up to 200 cm.

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